Short-Term Holiday Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions:

    In these terms and conditions the following terms have the following meaning:
    ‘Accommodation’ – means the apartment i.e. Unit 15 – Via Casa Rosa 10 – Piano di Sorrento, Italy.
    ‘Agreement’ – means the agreement between the Owner representative and the Visitor for the Holiday rental of the Accommodation on these Terms and Conditions.
    ‘Owner representative’ – means the legal representative of the Owner under Italian Law at the time of the booking confirmation.
    ‘Visitor’ – means the name of the person who makes the booking and confirms it.
    Please read carefully the following important information. The Visitor agrees to the following terms and conditions when the booking of the Accommodation is confirmed:
      1. Rental of Accommodation Agreement
        a.A rental agreement which includes these Terms and Conditions will be signed by the Owner representative and the Visitor. The Visitor can make a booking for himself or the group of people that will show up either by telephone or e-mail. When the deposit for the booking is received, the Owner representative will confirm the booking and availability by e-mail. The making of a booking together with the written confirmation of the booking by the Owner representative will form an agreement on these Terms and Conditions between the Visitor and the Owner representative for the holiday rental of the Accommodation.
        b.The Visitor will be responsible for all payments and for any damage, whether caused by the Visitor or his or her party and shall make his or her party fully aware of these Terms and Conditions.
        c.The Owner representative permits the visitor to occupy the accommodation for the holiday period shown in the booking confirmation letter/e-mail together with the use of its contents.
      2. Prices
      We reserve the right to make changes or to correct errors on the advertised prices or other details contained in our advertising material at any time before the booking is confirmed (i.e. upon receipt of the deposit).
      3. Payments

      The booking will be confirmed in writing only upon receipt of a deposit equal to 30% of the overall Rental Cost of the Visitors stay. The Visitor will make the payment via Electronic Fund Transfer to the bank account outlined in our e-mail. Following payment of the deposit we will confirm the booking and ask the Visitor to send us a copy of the Electronic Fund Transfer receipt together with a copy of Valid Proof of Identity Document (Passport) of the person who will sign the contract agreement upon arrival. Please note that the outstanding balance of the payment will have to be made prior arrival or at the arrival day and in any case before the keys are given. If we don’t receive the payments as set out above we reserve the right to consider the booking cancelled. Please note that we do not accept Cheques.
      4. Cancellation

        a.If the booking is not confirmed within 6 calendar days i.e. if the deposit is not received within 6 calendar days then the booking will be cancelled.
        b.If the booking has been confirmed but you need to cancel the booking completely firstly contact us by telephone and then confirm the cancellation with a letter or e-mail. If you decide to completely cancel the booking then you will loose the 30% deposit. Cancellation will be only accepted if it is requested by the person who originally made the booking.
      5. Check in / out:
      Check-in is between 4.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m. on your reservation start date. Check-out time is 10.00 am on your reservation end date.
      6. Car parking:
      No car parking is provided when booking the Accommodation. If required the Visitor at their cost may park their car at a 24hr Parking Station near the Accommodation, for further details please contact the Owner representative.
      7. Pets:
      8. Damages:
      Notify the Owner/Owner representative of all breakages, damages, and failure of electrical or plumbing equipment as soon as practicable. The cost of rectifying or replacing any such loss or damage caused by the Visitor will be charged accordingly or can be replaced by the Visitor before the end of their stay.
      9. Liability and Loss of Visitors Property:
      The Owner/Owner representative will not be liable for any loss of property or damage.
      10. Force Majeure:
      The Visitor acknowledges that in the unlikely event that the accommodation is rendered uninhabitable due to fire, earthquake or any other means beyond Owner control, the Owner liability will be limited to a refund of the monies paid for the rent only.
      11. Owner/Owner representative Right of Entry:
      As with any accommodation, there is a need for ongoing and occasionally unforseen work in the Accommodation. The Owner/Owner representative and its contractors may enter the Accommodation at any reasonable time for reasonable cause. This includes the need to undertake inspections, the undertaking of unforseen (internal and external) remedial repairs. Windows and doors may be opened during this process.
      12. Visitor’ Obligations:

        a.The Agreement is personal to the Visitor. The Visitor must not use the Accommodation except for the purpose of a holiday by the Visitor and the Visitor’s party during the holiday period, and not for any other purpose or longer period.
        b.The maximum occupancy of the Accommodation is three and shall not be exceeded. We do not allow any more people in the premises than quoted, the Owner/Owner representative may immediately cancel the booking without refund if this condition is not adhered to and/or involve a third party i.e. the Police, at any time in which they feel necessary.
        c.The Visitor agrees to keep and leave the accommodation and its contents in the same state of repair and condition, and in a clean and tidy state as at the commencement of the booking period (reasonable wear and tear excepted). d.Smoking is not permitted inside the apartment and on any of the condominium common areas.
        The Visitor and his or her party must not use the accommodation or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities or carry on there any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to the Owner/Owner representative or to any neighbours.
        The Visitor shall not sublet the premises or any portion thereof.
      13. Right to Evict:
      The Owner representative may terminate the Agreement on notice, and in such case the Visitor and his or her party must leave the Accommodation, (without compensation being payable to the Visitor or any member of his or her party) if:
        a.This is deemed necessary by the Owner representative where there is a serious breach by the Visitor of the Agreement or the Visitor’s or his or her party’s behaviour endangers the safety of others.
        b.Any complaints are made of anti-social behaviour or unreasonable breakages or damage occurs or smoking restrictions are not observed.
      14. Plumbing blockages::
      The Visitor shall ensure that no personal hygiene items, toys or other general items are flushed in the toilet or other drainage pipes that may cause blockages in the sewer/drainage system. The cost of rectifying such damage caused by the Visitor will be charged accordingly.
      15. Keys:
      Remember to bring the key with you when you leave so as to avoid being locked out. The Visitor will be charged accordingly if the Owner/Owner representative needs to call the Fire Brigade and/or Locksmith to regain access to the property. The Visitor shall also ensure to return the key to the Owner/Owner representative at the end of their stay, should the keys not be returned at the end of the stay, the owner will back charge the Visitor any costs incurred in order to regain access to the property.
      16. Governing Law:

      The construction, validity and performance of the Agreement shall be governed by Italian Law and both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Tribunale di Torre Annunziata sezione distaccata di Sorrento, Via Degli Aranci 27, 80067 Sorrento.